Rose Andom and Her Gift to Get the Center Started

Cap Camp + Blog_Option 2Photo courtesy of Denver Urban Spectrum / Bernard GrantOur lead donor is Rose Andom, a successful business woman and chair of the National Black Operators Association for McDonalds.

Rose grew up in poverty. Her mother had escaped an abusive marriage and supported her three children with cleaning jobs. Thanks to advice from a high school teacher Rose managed to go to college and earn a Masters in Business Administration. She also found herself in a marriage where she was experiencing domestic violence.

Like her mother, Rose escaped with nothing and moved in with her cousin who suggested she use her education and get a job with McDonalds. Over the years, Rose worked her way through corporate McDonalds, eventually owning and selling several franchises before buying all three of the franchises at Denver International Airport.


Photo courtesy of Denver Urban Spectrum / Bernard Grant

Neither Rose nor her mother realized there are services for people abused by their partners. In Denver, we intend to let everyone know that there is one place to go to find practical help, useful advice and counseling for victims and children. Her legacy gift to Denver will help thousands of people every year. Thank you Rose!

The Rose Andom Center will offer the same guidance and encouragement that inspired Rose to stay in school and pursue goals that were important to her.

This is how to stop the cycle of violence.