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Do you have shelter at the Rose Andom Center?
The Rose Andom Center is not a shelter but staff can help victims connect with emergency shelter resources. If it is after hours, please click here to be directed to a list of local shelter resources.

How much do your services cost?
Our services are free of charge to the victim and we do not do any type of income screening.

English is not my first language. Can you provide services in other languages?
Yes, we can provide services in many other languages. The Intake and Advocacy Coordinators are Spanish speaking and we contract with interpretation services for other languages. Interpreters can be scheduled to help with your intake session with advance notice.

Who can get services at Rose Andom Center?
Anyone who is seeking services to understand and heal from their experience of domestic violence can receive services at Rose Andom Center.

Do you provide services to male or LGBT victims?
Yes, anyone who has been victimized in an intimate partner relationship is eligible for services.

-I’m afraid my abuser will follow me to my appointment. How can I be sure that I’m safe there?

Do I have to make a police report?
Although there are detectives from the Denver Police Department’s Domestic Violence Unit in the building, we do not require any victim to file a police report not are they pressured to do so.,We do not require any victim to file a police report nor are they pressured to do so. Services are offered voluntarily and it’s up to the victim to decide what services they would like to utilize.

Will I be refused services because I am undocumented?
Absolutely not. We will never ask about your status nor will we refuse any services if you tell us you are undocumented. We want all victims to have a place where they feel safe from abuse and are comfortable talking about their current situation. Everyone has a right to feel safe, regardless of status.

Will I be refused services because of what I believe or how I identify myself?
The Rose Andom Center will not discriminate based on race, age, sex, physical challenges, color, national origin, religious or political affiliation, gender expression or sexual orientation, marriage or military status.

What happens to my information when I speak to a member of your staff? How do I know my abuser isn’t going to track me down when I have an appointment?
All of your information you share with Rose Andom Center staff is kept confidential. All services provided by a domestic violence advocate working in a community-based program are confidential. This means that any information shared by a victim with a staff member will be held in confidence and cannot be shared. This is a privilege protected by law. Although members of the Denver Police Department and other attorneys are on site, they cannot collect your information from Rose Andom Center records without your consent.

Limitations to Confidentiality:  There are very few limitations to confidentiality, and include only the reporting of known or suspected child abuse or neglect or intent to harm yourself for others. There are representatives of the police department, City Attorney and District Attorneys’ offices on site who do not hold the same legal protection, and in some situations, may be required to share some information you disclose, if you choose to meet with them.